Solved! Triple display cloning & HDMI extending


Aug 29, 2011
Hi everyone,

I was really clueless what category to put this in. Hopefully i've picked the right one.

I work in a relatively small company and we are looking to place 3 TV's in our canteen area to display performance ratings etc throughout the day but particularly to present slideshows that we use at bi-monthly meetings. It's agreed upon that we're going to put in place 3 wall mounted 64" plasmas, and I was hoping to set up a HTPC that would connect to our network, so our receptionist could remote into it and organize what's being displayed whenever necessary.

Having little to 0 experience with this sort of thing, I was wondering on anyones experience with:

- Cloning a screen to 3 outputs on 1 graphics card. Eyefinity?

- Are HDMI extenders needed for 15-20 meters of cabling? (2 of the screens will require this cable length)

- If eyefinity is a poor choice, what other alternatives are there? Do HDMI splitters effectively work for screen cloning? Powered/Unpowered?

- Does anyone run this kind of setup with no dramas?

Trying to do this rather economically but at the same time we're not particularly limited by budget, so all options are considered. We'd rather do it properly the first time than stuff around trying to cut corners.

Any input?

If you just need to reproduce the same screen on all the TVs you need a good quality powered HDMI distribution amplifier. Don't go low end on it.
Take a look at this;ITEM?ItemCode=KDHDDA1x3&Company=KEY
Also make sure you get quality cables. The wire gauge and shielding are important as with long runs you can get handshake problems with some combinations of source, distribution and display.
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