Question Triton 500 or Aero 15 Classic

May 26, 2019
I'm planning to purchase a laptop for the next two years of high school and four years of college(no desktop), probably game programming related major. I want a laptop that's thin, light, lasting battery, and can play games, like Monster Hunter World, on. I'm not sure which one to purchase: Aero 15, Aero 15 Classic WA, Triton 500 PT515-51-71VV, or Triton 500 PT515-51-73EG. A very hard choice since they have the same price(if the same CPU), RTX 2060, 15.6" 144hz 1080p screen, 16gb RAM, 512gb SSD, and long battery(Aero:6h, Triton:7h).

Some differences I heard:
Aero 15 is better at keeping the temperature down but has loud fan noise
Aero: 60-80 dBA
Triton: 50-60 dBA
2. Aero has poorer audio(don't know how to compare)
Aero 15: Dolby Atmos
Aero 15 Classic: Nahimic 3
Triton: Stereo
3. Aero has few more and different ports

Laptop Price(May 26, 2019)
15 and 71VV - USD 1,799.00
15 Classic WA and 73EG - USD 1,999.00

Laptop Specifics
Aero 15:
Aero 15 Classic WA:
Triton 500 PT515-51-71VV:
Triton 500 PT515-51-73EG:

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