Question Trouble linking Echo Dot with LG ThinQ


Dec 22, 2013
I am not at the house now, I am doing this for a family member that is very hard of sight.

He has Atlantic Broadband Cable, which uses Tivo. He has an Echo Dot, and a Samsung ThinQ TV. I want him to be able to power the TV on or off with Alexa.

I have registered him an Alexa account. The echo dot is able to control the Tivo, to change channels and what not-so I set that up fairly easily. I have registered the LG ThinQ on LG app, and I have allowed it to be controlled by Alexa. The TV shows as "online" in the "all devices" list.

Yet I cannot control it. Alexa always says it does not know the name of the device. Using the Amazon alexa app, I have changed the name of the device ( the TV) to anything fomr "TV" to LG Televison" and anything in between. To add, this TV has Alexa built in by using the remote, but I do not want that. I want him to be able to power it on or off with the Echo Dot. When I have Alexa App search for devices, the TV fails to show....though again it is listed in "all devices"

This is my first time dealing with Alexa, am I missing something?