Trouble Shooting and repairing a Toshiba 32DT2U1


Sep 18, 2013
Hey so this is my first TV repair ever, I'm a computer tech and got a Toshiba 32DT2U1 in shop today to throw to the scrap yard and instead of recycling it off decided i might look into repairing it first because it looks in extremely good almost new condition.

these are the symptoms of the problem so far:

1) TV turns on normally with no excessive sounds or peculiar behavior.
2) The picture looks good and all connectivity is also good.
3) After 5-10 minutes of letting it sit the screen changes color, or the picture goes array.
4) After being left on for 30 minutes no change in the screen activity
5) After being turned off for 5 minutes the screen is still dis-configured.
6) After being left off for 30 minutes the screen is still dis-configured.

All this being said my initial thought is that it might be over heating, or there might be wrong with the graphics card( video card, or whatever you call it if TV's even have them). Do you have any advice to what this might be or the actions that should be taken to recover this TV?


Sep 12, 2013
I would contact the manufacture to have them send you a copy of the latest firmware for your t.v, normally they will either send you a download file with instructions on how to create the firmware update for a usb drive, or they send you a usb drive at a charge if no longer under warranty. For more hardware related issues you can always look at a guide on how to remove the back panel off of your television. and then you just look at the caps for things like leaks. bulges, and then you also want to look at things like the wires for burnt marks or even on the pcb its self. and another thing would be is check the fuse. just make sure you drain all of the caps before working or touching it. this normally can be done by simply unplugging the t.v and then pushing the power button for 3 seconds. If all of these other things look good it probably is a defective screen.