Solved! Troubleshooting Converting VHS to Digital

Feb 21, 2021
I'm having issues converting VHS tapes to digital.

I'm using VIDBOX software for Mac on a MacBook Pro.

The VHS player is within my TV, a Panasonic PV-C1330W. Its a 13" Diag. Mono TV / 2-Head Mono VCR Combination. It only has (2) RCA ports, Video In and Audio In.

The converter from VIDBOX has (3) RCA ports, the yellow red and white.

When I use the software and look at the preview, I can see the volume moving up and down, but there is a blank screen where the video preview should be. Half the time when I press Record, the software doesn't start recording. The few times it has "recorded", there is no video product saved at the end. I tried all this on my friend's laptop, and we had the same exact results.

I tried restarting my computer. I'm pretty sure I installed the converter driver correctly as well. I'm guessing the issue has to do with my TV only having 2 ports? Is it worth buying a whole separate VCR player or is the software bad?