Question TRRS audio extension (Male/Female) inserted in an front audio jack is dectected deactivating the main speakrs.

Jul 19, 2020
Hi folks,
I have a Silencio s600 computer case. The front audio jack is a single (Headphone/Microphone) jack, so it’s a 3.5 TRRS (4 poles). I am trying to insert an extension audio cable to be able to plug my set of headphones from the top of my desk. My Case sits underneath my desk.
I expected that plugging an extension, having nothing plugged to it should not cause any detection, working just as an extension. The headphones would be detected once inserted in the female end of the cable. The system should then act as if it was plugged in the front jack. (Realtech Audio Driver Version: 6.0.8688.1 /UI Version:
However, the system detects the plugged extension and requires to be identified as a type of active output/input (headphones, mic, speakers) not leaving any option for "none". Plugging the headphones onto the already plugged extension does not make any difference.
My expectation was: plug an extension to the front jack (no detection); plugging the headphones to the extension (triggers detection function).
Similarly with the jack in the back, used TRS, didn’t work.
Any clue on what I am doing wrong?
Note I tried already with TRS and TRRS extensions, and both are triggering the detection function.