Question True Dolby 5.1/7.1 audio

Jan 11, 2021
This is my scnenario..
I have a gaming pc and a tv, both of which I want to hook up to a surround sound system. The pc is capable of up to 5 channels via its front rear and sub auxiliary ports and the tv has an optical digital (toslink) port . The tv is a Hisense 4K 65in Roku tv and the gaming pc also has spdif (capable of compressed 5.1.
I want a way to hook BOTH devices up to an AV receiver and have uncompressed true Dolby surround where each speaker can play individually.
I have heard hdmi is the only way for this but I have also heard arc only does up to 5.1 compressed. And my TV does not support e-arc.
I have a few amps but if I need a special one to do this please give suggestions.
My budget is 200 for an av receiver.
Or if I need a new surround system budget is 2-300.
Thanks ahead!!
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