Question Try Apple at least once in my life? (Iphone 12 or Galaxy S21 recommend)


Dec 18, 2017
I have to make a decision: to stay with Android or try iOS for once in a lifetime.

Until now I have always had smartphones with Android (in the order Samsung Omnia HD, HTC Desire, Galaxy S5, and the current one, Google Pixel 3a).

Since my father would like to change his phone and I would give him mine, I have the opportunity to replace him.
Furthermore, I never liked the stock Android interface very much indeed, but I'm not even a person who installs various launchers to customize it, on the contrary, I think that customization is now the last thing that interests me, despite years ago on ' HTC Desire I tried practically all the existing custom roms, and then went back to the stock version because it was free of defects.

I am undecided between an iPhone 12 or a Galaxy S21, I know it is a considerable expense but I intend to keep the device as long as possible.

I've never had anything from Apple in my life, I've always heard of them and I've used some of their products sporadically, especially MacOS from High Sierra onwards.

The thing that holds me back in taking an iPhone is that I find Bixby more complete as a voice assistant and the same goes for the automations possible with Samsung (even if I have never tried them in the field).
Furthermore, as it is made, the Apple store seems more chaotic than the Android one, but it is certainly just a matter of habit.
Another thing holding me back from switching is the lack of an always on display feature on the iPhone, which I find very useful and which I exploit quite a lot.

On the other hand Samsung does not drive me crazy because I find it intolerable to use applications like Samsung Healt that have inside advertising banners, for this I do not compromise.
Consider that I also look at Windows 10 wrong when it offers me to install certain applications (functionality that I disabled as soon as I installed it).

I had read that IOS 15 could bring the always on display also on the iPhone but I would say that if it happens it will be from iPhone 13 onwards ....

In short, I'm quite indecisive.

I realize they are trifles, but I personally pay attention to them.

In other hands I still hate Samsung for some choices made, I also don't like the fact that I have dual applications on the phone, such as two galleries (Google and Samsung), two voice assistants (Assistant and Bixby), two browsers (Samsung Internet and Chrome), two email clients (samsung mail and Gmail) and two digital payment methods (Samsung Pay and Google Pay).
It must be said that they can be disabled and from a certain point of view it is called "choice".

Another thing to say about Samsung is the removal of the MST sensor which was the thing that made it possible to use it pretty much anywhere. Reading around the reason is because more and more POSs support NFC and make the use of MST superfluous.
But after this change, I see no reason to use Samsung Pay rather than Google Pay. Really, if anyone has this answer I would like to hear it. I'm not argumentative, but I'm curious.

But on the other hand, I have more things at home that would bind to the Samsung ecosystem, in fact from what I know its applications integrate very well with Windows 10 after the partnership with Microsoft, which makes them recover some ground towards the Apple ecosystem.
I have an Xbox Series S and a Samsung TV at home, in short, let's say that I somehow already live in the Samsung / Microsoft ecosystem, here is another reason that makes me hesitate.

In short, the desire to try "the competition" is great, but my rational part tells me that perhaps it is better not to do it, at least for the moment, while the more enterprising one tells me to throw myself and try. At most I can resell it because the positive thing is that over time the devaluation is less than for android smartphones in general.

And as you rightly said, Apple's support as software updates over time is much longer and better than any other, which makes your purchase much more valuable and this is by no means a trivial matter.

There are a couple of other things that make me really mad about Apple are these:

Speaking of MacOS, the calendar widget in Big Sur cannot be synchronized with the calendar application. What does it mean? That once the widget is shown, I can't see at a glance if I have any commitments on a given day, if they had for example put a red dot on the days when I have a commitment it would have been a welcome thing and I think more intuitive.

Another thing: in Apple Maps the street where my parents live is written wrong. I reported this to Apple via two friends' iPhones and it was never corrected. In the street name there is an extra "i" at the end of the word.

I know these are little things too, but from devices that aim to be excellence both in price and in software, I think these little things make a difference and given the price I really struggle to pass them on.

Last thing always inherent to MacOS: but is it possible that QuickTime still cannot play all video formats? Some MKVs don't want to play them, while Windows Media Player works with just about everything.
I know there is VLC but the speech I just made is always valid.
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