Try to connect old Onkyo Receiver to New Samsung 4KTV

Apr 2, 2018
Hello friends! I am trying to connect my old Onkyo HTR550 to my new Samsung MU9000. I bought an Optical Cable but it's only getting me to 5 channels, not Surround Sound. Is there any way to get all seven speakers working? Thank you!
ARC doesn't offer anything that the optical does. The receiver is configured for 7.1?
Make sure the TV is set to output in bitstream.
Select a surround sound mode that is designed to take 5.1 and derive the additional channels. The Onkyo manual will have info on which ones will do that,


5 channels is all that is available on most programs. The other two "channels" would have to be created by your receiver. That is a configuration problem on the receiver not a problem with the connection.
Apr 2, 2018

Thank you! And yes, I know that the two channels would be created by the receiver--that's exactly my question. Before I hooked up my fancy new TV, those additional two channels kicked in automatically on my old TV. But now with the fancypants Samsung, I appear to be limited to just the five. Any tips on whether I can /how to get the receiver to pump out seven channels and not five? My receiver doesn't have HDMI ARC...
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