Question Trying to backup pics, broken screen, can't enter passcode

May 21, 2020
Hi everyone,

I apologize for my bad english.

I have an old iPhone 4S, it's screen is cracked and it only shows red or green lines. I'm planning to get rid of the phone, but before that I tried to copy the photos from it to my laptop. But tho the phone is working, this can't be done, since I can't enter the passcode . I remember the passcode, but I can't enter it.

Some people suggest buying a usb keyboard, but I doubt that I can find one which can connect to the 4S connector (I think it's a specific connector).

By using some programs (3uTools, iFunbox and others), I was able to see the iphone files on my laptop's screen (as in a file explorer), but I'm unable to export them to the laptop (due to the passcode lock). This is very frustrating, the files are there, I can see them (e.g. XY.jpg), but I can't copy them.

I also tried some programs for passcode removal, but it's futile.

The photos are not very valuable, so I'm ready to give up, but before that, is there something that I can try as a last chance?

Thank you.
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