Trying to build a Gaming laptop for under £1000

Harry Curran

Nov 4, 2014
Hey guys and gals I've been shopping around online for a little bit trying to find a gaming laptop for under 1k that will play all that i want it to. My current laptop is about 4 years old and struggles to play games like Skyrim and Fallout NV as a result I've been looking into upgrading but i cant seem to find any laptop that seems to be able to meet these criteria. A quick list of the games that i play regularly Xcom, Skyrim,Fallout NV, LOL and a bunch of other games. Id like to be able to play some FPS games on pretty high settings as well as most of my games on high or ultra high setting if that's possible any advice you guys could give me would be awesome
Thanks all


is that 1000 dollars or pounds?
because if its £ then you should save up another £100 and get this:
it'll be more powerful than an 880M laptop and will max out most if not all of your games.