Trying to connect firestick TV to my reciever for surroud sounf

Sep 21, 2018
Got 50" Samsung display with only 1 HDMI Jack & I'm trying to connect to my reciever for quality Surround sound, I have a Pioneer Elite
VSX-74-TXVi Av reciever ,is this possible with my system??
It is but how you do it depends on what other external sources you have other than the firestick.
The receiver has two HDMI inputs so you can connect the stick and one other source to the receiver. The HDMI out of the receiver does to the TV HDMI input. You would connect the audio output of the TV to an audio input on the receiver to get sound from the TV tuner or apps to the receiver.
If you have more than two sources then you need to add an HDMI input selector to expand the number of HDMI inputs.
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