Trying to get Directv to play through my stereo

Feb 13, 2018
I have an older Harman Kardon AVR 247 that will not allow Directv play. When I bypass the receiver direct to the tv it plays fine. Someone told me that because of the encryption of Directs's programs that the tv and receiver have to have "digital handshake" to allow it to play. Is there anyway of using this old receiver and allow me view Directv?
There is no audio encryption that I know of. HDCP is the only type on HDMI and it doesn't affect just audio. It turns off the input completely so no video or audio.
Check the input set up menu of the receiver. It may not be set to use HDMI as the audio source.
Try changing the audio output type of the DTV box.
Some older HK receivers would not accept audio via HDMI. They required that an additional audio cable be used and assigned in the input set up menu.
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