Trying to play all my speakers and I can play 1 at a time on front rt


Jan 30, 2012
I have a Sony STR_V220 and I have a total of 11 speakers and they are all wall/ceiling mounted. They were here when I bought the house. Should this receiver play all these speakers? If so, how?


Oct 16, 2011
Found your manual here

With it being 11 speakers it doesn't sound like a surround sound setup, In order to make these work you would need a proper power amp.

The amp will depend on the speaker ratings - find out what these are and if they are 4/8ohm or 100v line.

Find the place where the original owners amp would have been and find out how many speaker cables there are. The 11 speakers could be split into zones or simply left & right.

DO NOT connect your amp to the speakers until you know the above as you will probably smoke it.



Jan 30, 2012

Yeah all the wires coming to the receiver are all white except for the one that goes to my bedroom which has a 2 pair blue wire that looks like it is running both speakers. The others are all 1 pair wires. So, you are saying that this receiver will not run all these speakers?
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