How To Turn off Safe Mode on an Alcatel Joy 2 tablet. (Without doing anything complicated or hard starting>

Apr 30, 2021
I had this issue happen to me one time and the ONLY advice that was ANYWHERE in a Google search was just performing a Hard Start/reboot whatever. Either that or some really long drawn out process of a couple of different ways. Well, I'm here to save you guys and gals from what potentially could amount to a rage session against your tablet. Soo without further ado .....
1)----> take a deep breath, once you find out this was all you had to do it might piss you off even more.
2)----> Then (on your Alcatel Joy 2 tablet) PRESS and HOLD the VOLUME UP and POWER BUTTON for roughly about TEN SECONDS (give or take) located on the upper right of your A.J2 tablet. (do not press and hold the volume down and power that everyone says to do all that does is take a screenshot. I feel like they were trolling with that answer.)
ANYWAYS I NEED TO SPECIFY FOR A 3RD TIME THAT THIS IS FOR THE ALCATEL JOY 2 TABLET I cannot say for any of the other tablets because I don't own any other ones not have I even attempted to try it on other tablets. NOW GO FIX YOUR STUFF AND STOP READING MY RAMBLINGS

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