Turns on but screen remains black


Oct 15, 2013
Hi all,

Closed the lid of my computer, did other stuff, lifted up lid, pressed power button, laptop made the usual starting up noises (hhd started spinning, fans etc.) but the screen stayed black. It's a HP G62 and this problem has never happened before. I've tried holding power button until it turns off, removing battery and any wires, holding power button for 30 sec, plugging in charger and turning on but it hasn't worked. I've also tried plugging a HDMI cable in and seeing if it works on my tv but also didn't work.. Any help would be seriously appreciated.

- Mix
It sounds as though your Radeon graphics chip has kicked the bucket; this is what is responsible for outputting the image. There's no simple fix, unfortunately. The laptop will either need a new motherboard, or if the graphics chip can be reflowed, that may be cheaper alternative (albeit a more likely temporary fix).
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