Question Turntable to Samsung Kardon soundbar

Sep 14, 2021
Have a turntable with no pre amp. Purchased one and used a converter cable RG to HDMI to sound bar but no sound.
Then tried to TV Samsung TV direct no luck.
The pre amp was a cheap Selby brand.
Any Ideas.


What exact turntable, what exact preamp model, what exact sound bar and what exact cable? Not sure what "RG" is here. Most likely issue is the soundbar is not getting the signal it needs to work through HDMI, it may need a video not just an HDMI audio signal to work. It may also be whatever cable you got does not work.


Sound Bar Samsung harman/kardon HW-N950.
Pre Amp Selby RIAA-EQ.
Turntable no brand from Target.
Using cable with RCA to HDMI.
What exact cable? RCA to HDMI would need some sort of an active electronic converter. If you don't want to mess with adapters, converters, etc... read the last paragraph.

That preamp is also run on battery only it seems, did you check the battery to make sure it's OK? Would be a good idea to test the setup through the pre-amp to some normal speakers/receiver to make sure that side is all working before trouble-shooting past that link.

That soundbar has an optical input, an RCA to optical adapter may be better to use here than HDMI. Something like this, although I have not used any of those products so can't say which is the best or how well any brand/model is built

You can also use the bluetooth input on the soundbar and a BT transmitter connected to the pre-amp.

A better solution may be to just get a turntable with everything built in, this one is good quality, has a pre-amp and also bluetooth so you can link it to your soundbar without any extra adapters
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