Turntable to soundbar via BT

Phillip Corcoran

I'm an idiot - - I didn't see the letters "BT" in your turntable model name because of the odd way you typed it - - - so yours has got bluetooth.

From product description on Amazon site:

"Connects wirelessly to devices with Bluetooth wireless technology (powered speakers, headphones, stereo receivers), or to wired audio systems and powered speakers via included dual RCA output cable"

So as long as your BT sound bar is mains-powered (ie it has built-in amplifier) it should work.

You'll have to read the read the turntable or soundbar instructions on how to "pair" them.

If you don't have the turntable manual you can get it here:


Good luck.

You will be playing an analog LP which the turntable will convert to digital and then send over bluetooth to the soundbar where is will be processed and then converted back to analog..
If you are playing vinyl for it's analog goodness you are defeating the purpose doing it this way.


Question from johnnylong45 : "Turntable to soundbar via BT"

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