Turtle Beach Ear Force x12 headphones?


Dec 6, 2009
Minor audiophile here. Currently sporting the Razer Carcharias they are decent for my current uses (on-board sound from Asus P6T mobo). I run my Xbox 360 sounds through my Mobo's Line-In port because the sounds straight from the tap are too quiet. If someone who owns these or perhaps other Turtle Beach headphones and has decent experience in audio quality could answer some questions for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

First, and most important; Mic-monitoring, how loud is it? I absolutely hate hearing myself through the PC when the mic line is not muted. This seems like the most worthless / deal breaking feature to me. But, if ingame sounds cover it up 99.99% of the time I would consider.

Second, how is the sound quality / bass boost? Again, I'm not rocking any sennheiser hd 800s or anything but the ipod headphones sound like crap to me and yet they retain a 3 star on Amazon.

Third and final, I'm reading that they have a slight to moderate "hiss" when volume is low or non-existent, as a result of the amplifier. When I crank my PC volume from 52% to 100% on my Carcharias I get a hiss but it's barely noticeable; if I softly hum I can't hear it over myself. Is it like that?

Thanks for your time / knowledge.
ipod headphones sound pretty darn good for low-end earbuds (though $9.99 gummies do too). you can't expect them to sound like anything higher end.

sound straight from your xbox360 is too quiet to use? what is the ohm resistance rating for your headphones? if high, have you thought about a mini amp or portable amp?

are you sure the "hiss" isnt due to your audio hardware and not your headphones? i can crank the volume up pretty high and not hear a single murmur from the speakers i have (or phones for that matter).

not sure about your mic question or the actual performance of TB headphones as i never had a pair. from the short listening i had one time in a store they sounded "moderate" at best. if you just want a pair of "headphones" and not a "headset" (with mic) then perhaps look into studio phones if you're an audiophile (and if you want better drivers instead of surround sound).

i use a pair of audiotechnica ath-m50's ($80-130) when not using my home theater system for sound. i don't require a mic, but if i did i would probably just use a clip on or desk mount instead of going with lesser phones.