Question Tv digital audio to amp rca playing only in one speaker


Mar 25, 2023
Hey there

So, I am trying to run the sound from the digital out (toslink) port on my TV (philips 48oled806/12), through a digital to analog converter, and then into an RCA port on my amplifier (Denon pma-720ae).

The sound is going through nice and clear, but only in one of the speakers. The other is dead silent...

I first thought that the converter was DOA (just bought it) and the company i bought it from kind of supported that conclusion. At least they send me a new one free of charge, no questions asked.

I just plugged in the replacement unit, but the problem persists...

I am a totalt novice on these matters and a whole lot of searching around has still left me clueless. So i am hoping that some of you guys can point me in the direction of whats wrong, even with the very real possibility that i am the one missing something incredibly stupid or obvious :)

Thanks in advance!