TV - Digital Out - Professional Studio Monitors - HOW to connect

May 17, 2018
Hey there.
I setup my Bosses office last month. He is into Sound?Audio a lot, and shares the passion for GENELEC Studio monitors, so he ordered them and told me to do the setup to the TV.

I know that the Optical Audio Output from the TV is not variable, which brings problems for me. Thats why I am looking for your Inputs and Ideas :).

My setup right now:
Apple TV (via HDMI to TV) used a lot of presentations including sound
XFinity Cable Box (via HDMI to TV)

I have an optical line running from the TV to a Optical converter.

I run from this Converter to another converter to get to XLR:

And with the XLR connectors I run to my Genelec 8030C speakers.

Now the problem is: I cannot control the Volume with the TV Remote, since it's the digital out. Easiest way to solve the problem would be to use the Headphone Jack from the TV and go directly to the Genelecs. But the sound of the Headphone Jack is usually not that good.

Any Audio guys out there that can tell me what to do and what to change so it works best?

Thanks a lot!


You can add one of these to the system
A Logitech Harmony remote could be used to unify control of all the gear.
You could also replace the DAC with an AV preamp-processor. Since you are running in stereo it's kind of overkill to buy a new one but you should be able to find a used one with balanced outputs so you can also eliminate the unbalanced to balanced converter. You don't need HDMI so an older one should work fine. It will also sound much better than the cheap DAC which an audiophile would appreciate. I use a old Proceed AVP in a similar fashion and it sounds great.
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