TV giving "no signal" message when hooked to laptop


Jan 10, 2016
I have had my ASUS laptop (Windows 10) hooked up to the 47" Samsung tv in the living room by HDMI cord several times and its worked fine. But when i try to bring my laptop into my bedroom to hook it up to my 35" Samsung LN-R238W, the tv reads "no signal." There is only one HDMI port on the tv. And when i go into display settings on my laptop to multiple displays, instead of showing 2 separate monitor icons that are numbered 1 and 2, it just shows one icon with 1/2 on it. So I'm not sure what that means.

Please press the Windows key + P at the same time and select between Duplicate or Extended display then press Enter and see if you'll get the display onto your TV. If these doesn't work do try to uninstall/reinstall the graphics card driver of your laptop.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics card driver.
- In Programs and Features uninstall anything related to your graphics card.
- Download and install the latest graphics driver from the manufacturers site. (NVIDIA or AMD).
- Once installed reboot your laptop for all changes to take effect and do test it after.
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