Question TV goes black with no sound when another device is plugged in next to it


Nov 16, 2017
I'm using a TV (Toshiba) as a monitor for my pc via HDMI. Sometimes the screen on my TV goes black (always for the same duration, about 3 seconds) and the sound disappears as well. Then it all comes back as if nothing happened. Sometimes it happens 3 times within an hour, sometimes it doesn't happen for days. So far I've figured out that it's probably the HDMI port of the TV, because trying out 2 other HDMI cables didn't help, but locking the cable in a specific fixed position produced great results, with maybe 1 blackout every 15 sessions. However... Yesterday I turned my AC on while gaming and this blackout happened exactly when the AC went on and another one exactly when I turned it off. So, I suppose, it's also an electrical circuit issue. Which doesn't make me happy. I suppose that there's a short blackout in the circuit when another device is added or removed from that circuit. However, only the TV seems to be affected by this, all other devices in the circuit behave normally.

My question:
I suppose it's just the TV and I don't really mind if it is. There are plenty of TVs to buy if something happens to it. I'm just worried about my PC. Could the PC cause something like that? Also, if the PC would lose electricity for those 3 seconds, it wouldn't just pop back up as nothing happened right? I'd probably get the BSOD or something I suppose. During these blackouts I can hear my PC working normally, it doesn't throttle or anything.

P. S. I also tried using different power cables and extension cables, it didn't change anything. And it's not because of the PC load (CPU was always under 60'C and GPU under 70'C). TV also isn't overheating.
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