Solved! tv not have audio output

Nov 13, 2018
i have tv without audio output(no headphone jack, no rca, no spdif..).
my question is, can i solder wires (rca, or headphone jack) to existing tv speakers(2) wires and connect them to home theater without big noise in speaker of home theater? and how to do that? hdmi spliter or something like that is not option because i want watch analog tv, not using reciver..
sorry if my english is bad..i hope i was clear enough

The Paladin

The problem with making speaker wire => headphone jack is that the output power going to jack will be very loud for amplifier,you will get distortion.
You need to find a way to reduce the signal between speaker wire (output) and your headphone connector, likely with a resistance wired in line.


I wager people who go through this trouble don't care much about a little distortion.

OP, ya man, try it, and if sounds too distorted, get an attenuating cable in between or buy a high-level to line level converter box.
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