tv remote control soundbar through optical audio?


Aug 27, 2011
Hi everyone
i am getting a soundbar soon and don't know weather to use optical audio or hdmi arc.
my tv only has 2 hdmi ports one of which is arc. That's why im wanting to use optical audio to free up hdmi port but i would really like to be able to control the audio and have soundbar power on with my tv.
i know hdmi arc does this (or does it, correct me if it doesn't)
does optical audio give your tv the ability to control audio and have it power on and off through optical audio? Thanks in advance
The optical audio output of the TV is fixed so you have to use the soundbar remote to control volume. There are soundbars that have multiple HDMI inputs and use ARC. Some soundbars can be taught the power and volume commands of the TV to you can use one remote.