Nov 7, 2015
Hello all,

I got a Maxent MX-42VM11 TV. I am trying to connecting it to my computer. There is a HDMI port to the DVI port of the TV. I used a HDMI cable to link my computer to the HDMI port. I clicked the input on the remote control to DVI, ''NO SUPPORT" is shown on the TV screen. Do you know what is the problem, and how should I do to connect TV to my PC successfully? Thanks!


What do you mean "HDMI port to the DVI port of the TV"? If you are using HDMI to HDMI you select HDMI not DVI.

That TV does not have an HDMI port, do you maybe mean an HDMI to DVI cable and then are using the DVI connection on the TV?

The native resolution of that TV is very low 852 x 480, make sure you set the resolution to that when you connect it to the computer. The TV also has a VGA port, if the computer has VGA out, try that instead of HDMI to DVI cable. It may be a cable issue also, try a different cable.
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