Tv sound through Technics SE-CH570 Please Please help very confused.


Jan 20, 2015
Hi Everyone. I was hoping for some help from the guys in the know. I would really appreciate some help as am very confused.

Ok. I have read through a few posts and can see the frustration sometimes where not enough information is provided to hopefully find a solution to a problem so I will try to be as comprehensive as possible but to the point.

My technical knowledge is limited.
I am not a perfectionist for picture and sound just want half decent quality.
I bought a new TV and the sound is poor. LG 4k led.
I am trying to find a solution to tie in with my other existing equipment but understand that I may need to spend more money and I am open to suggestions.
I have an old technics system. Technics SE-CH570
It has Dolby pro logic and a setting called Surround.
It came with Surround Speakers but do not have them any more but could but them.
It seems these would be connected via RCA connectors.

I figure I could use this to give me good tv sound although maybe not full surround sound.
I currently use this to run my Sonos via a Sonos Connect. It sounds pretty good. I am happy with this quality.

I think this is all of the detail.

The path I have gone down is this.

I bought optical cable and a DAC converter
It worked and sound is pretty good but I want to try to get a central speaker working for better quality.

So my questions is this. Is it worth me finding a set of the same surround speakers that came with the system originally. If I set the system to surround or Dolby Pro Logic will I get a surround sound or at least a centre speaker working adding to the quality. The original speakers are quite expensive and don't look that great. Can I just buy a centre speaker and then connect it to an RCA plug.

I understand that Pro Logic is very old not but I am not trying to achieve surround sound just decent sound from the tv through my existing amp if possible. By buying the original speakers again I am not even sure if they will work or if I buy a different central speaker if it will work.

Please if you feel I am going down a road which is just pointless feel free to give the bad news. I thought about buying a new amp but did not really want to spend £250 on the recommended merantz option advised to me.

Any advice here is greatly appreciated.

It may be worth noting I also want to add a record player to the system through the Phono in and play some old records I have. This worked through this stereo before no problem.

If anyone miraculously had some sort of solution where I could control the sound through my tv remote that would be incredible.

Thanks in advance if any info it required please just ask. I really appreciate any help.
It would definitely be an advantage to have a center channel speaker. Clearer dialogue. It is good that the center match the sound of the left and right front speakers but it might be hard to find one that really matches. You can buy a center channel speaker and just connect it to the Technics. If it doesn't have an RCA just use bare wire at the speaker.
Another solution is to get three new speakers for the front and use two of your old ones for the rear. You should be able to get an improvement on your overall sound this way. Depends on your budget too.
Since the optical out of the TV is fixed there is no way to get the TV remote to adjust the volume. If the Technics has a remote you could get a universal remote that could operate both and set it to control the TV except for the volume that would be controlled by the Technics.


Jan 20, 2015
Hi, Thank you for your reply. So are you saying that if I put the stereo in Pro Logic and I buy and add the the centre and two rear speakers I should get something that should resemble surround sound or at least all 5 speakers working? I am thinking by your answer it may be worth spending the £30 on the technics surround speakers that would have come with the hifi? I was did not know if they would even work at all. I thought it may be a different signal or something so it sounds like good news.