TV starts "blinking" and shuts off


Nov 8, 2017
Hello. Recently (around Christmas) my TV started to act weird.

Let me describe the situation - I'm normally using the TV until some time passes (typically around 15-20 minutes) then the TV starts "blinking" (turning black for a split second and back to the normal image). After a while, the "blinking" becomes more apperant due to it happening more and more often, and eventually the TV shuts down. I can normally turn it back on but the same thing would happen.

Maybe it's because of overheating? One time it started "blinking" and then I opened my window and it just stopped. My room is not hot at all (it's around 15°C) and the TV worked just fine during summer. Maybe opening the window helped the TV because the air circulated better? The TV doesn't have a fan. I'm just guessing here.

My TV model is Strong SRT 32HY4003. Not the best TV, I know, but it's the only TV I'm able to use at the moment. It's 1.5 years old. It has a guarantee of 2 years so I can take it back to the store, but first I have to find my receipt.

So, are there any suggestions for my problem?
Any help is appreciated.


Oct 15, 2016
Sometimes a bad HDMI cable can be the cause of a tv 'blinking' but it would never shut the actual TV off, just cause a drop in the video signal for a moment. If you're experiencing the TV actually shutting itself off then it's likely a hardware issue and should be returned to the store if under warranty.


Nov 8, 2017
It's definitely not the HDMI cable because I tested it with three different cables.

Hopefully I'll be able to find a receipt since the TV is still under warranty. Got the TV from my parents so they should have it.
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