TV & Surround system setup


Apr 21, 2015
Hi all,

I am currently renting an apartment for short term. The apartment came with a flatscreen TV and a surround system, but nothing was connected. I finally contracted a cable company, so now I have TV but of course, Id like to use the surround system as well...
But im totally not experienced in the audio stuff.

The TV (im not there for the moment), is a Sony, Bravia i think. I found the following Audio outputs: (see )
- Optical out
- Audio out (VAR/FIX) (= red and white jack. white one is a bit bent, so idk if its still OK)
- mono jack (headphones output)

The surround system is a Definitive Technology ProSub80. This is an older system, but the back connections look like the picture on the link below.

The speakers I have for this one are:
- the sub-woofer itself.
- 2 tower speakers
- 2 wall mounted speakers
- 1 central(?) speaker, placed above the TV when I entered the apartment.
All of those are equipped with cables without connectors. (every speaker has a bare + and - cable running to the subwoofer.)

Can anyone give me any advice on how to set up this stuff?
I might buy a little converter/adapter if necessary, but im not interested in buying an amplifier or anything as I am only temporary in this apartment.
The aim is to get the TV send the Audio to the sound system, not the cable box (which sends audio through HDMI, because i want to be able to connect my laptop with HDMI as well and also use the sound system.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance


Apr 21, 2015
Do i need that? I only need the audio from the TV to go to the surround system but i have no idea how to connect all this stuff.


given that you said they have speaker wire bare leads i'm fairly certain they are passive (unpowered) speakers. those need an amp to drive them.

you did not mention any combination amp/dvd player box (like on home theater in a box sets) or amplifier/receiver so i'm guessing you do not have that and would need a receiver to make the system work.

if you have a receiver or combination amp/dvd player for those passive speakers then you will be fine, if you do not then you will not be able to make it work without one.
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