Tv to Pc to analog 5.1 help?


Aug 21, 2013
Ok, so, i finally had it with the stereo out put on a 5.1 system. I have a Samsung Un40c6300sf and i absolutely love it. Originally i had the tv set up so that the analog sound output via head phone jack went into the one (green plug) audio jack on my Logitech x-540 5.1 system, and it was meh at best. Better than the cheap LCD speakers thats for sure. However, i got a wild hair to hook it up correctly. I have a Media server/pc hooked up to this tv also, so i decided to route it as following.

tv to PC via SPDIF optical cable, (optical Audio in on the media server) then ran the 5.1 plug (orange, black, green) to the pc for audio out. This woke up the sound considerably both on blu rays, PC vlc dtx play back and Analog (coaxial cable) cable channels from the tv.

The Problem is, I Lose all sound when I go into Digital Cable channels on the tv (IE digital tuner through the tv) which poses a problem for the 4-6 select channels that come through, one of which airs our local football team games in High Def (Big issue!).

How can i resolve this?
Tv: Samsung un40c6300sf
Audio: Logitech X-540
Computer is using a fatality AN8 Socket 939 with the Audiomax 5.1 PCI-E add in card (part of the mobo combo)

Again all sound works on digital and anilog channels such as HDMI inputs, but fails tow work on coaxial digital channels, but works on analog coaxial channels (1-69). I do not have a cable television box, this is all just basic cable.



Aug 21, 2013
Actually I just figured it out. Apparently, the media PC doesnt like DTS in through the SPDIF port from the tv. which still boggles me because everything else worked, just the HD tuner channels. Oh well, its a good start and sounds a heck of alot better than it did.
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