Tv to soundbar to subwoofer


Jan 20, 2018
Hello everyone!
Tv model: jvc lt-55ue76
Subwoofer model: Basscube 8S
Soundbar: Vizio 38" 2.1

Here's my problem:
I have the soundbar hooked to the tv via optic cable and it works. I have lost the subwoofer that came with the soundbar (Bluetooth). A friend gave me a basscube 8s (powered) subwoofer. I have tried hooking the sub to the tv and to the soundbar via RCA and can't receive a signal to the sub. I thought maybe the SW was defective but tested it with my receiver I have for another stereo system in the house and it works just fine. Any thoughts as to how to get signal to the subwoofer?
Thanks for listening!
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