Tv turning off constantly

Mar 19, 2018
I would suspect it overheating, but I would need detail on the condition of the room its in, how long it on before it goes off, etc.
It could overheat "overall" meaning it could just be so hot the TV just shuts off, or a specific component is overheating like maybe it works longer if its displaying lower resolution devices like Gaming consoles and if switch it to a device that will display at its max it resolution like blue ray player it will kick off sooner. Or it could be the Power supply in the TV could be failing. Is it plugged into the a power strip then that could be the culprit.

So I gave a lot a details with possible reasons why ... this how ever is the opposite of your question which extremely vague and general.... The Title should be short your question should have details, without them nobody can or will try to help.

Your question is like this one:

Which I found should glancing down at the bottom of the page.... Read this post and take special note of the amount of detail in the post.

People are willing to help, but posters have to be willing to provide information. Take a look through the list of question that have a lot of reads and zero responses, many of them are so general and short it makes me wonder why they bothered to post it.