TV turns on then turns off after a few seconds.


Sep 8, 2016
So here's how it goes down exactly: When you switch it on, there's an hourglass symbol telling you to wait until it's ready. After that it goes back to black (no sound either) and won't turn on at all, except if you let it sit for several minutes or un- and replug it. If you do the latter, it automatically turns on for those few seconds, but otherwise, the same.

Since the TV is generally able to turn on without any sign of damage surely there must be an easy fix.

Additional info: It's a Philip 40PF5007H/12 , 4 years old

I like your optimism. :)

If indeed it "eventually" turns on and keeps on operating, I diagnose:

1. Power supply issue. It lacks enough "ummph" too boot, but once initialized, steady as she goes.

2. Storage system is going bad. Don't know if you can boot into some sort of maintenance mode for diagnostic.