TWC Taking Viacom To Court Over iPad App

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Aug 5, 2009
why go after 3 at once.

viacom has been a.... well #$^%#$ for years, and everyone knows it, and getting a ruling against them with a bias, would be fairly easy to anyone.

this also serves as president (sp). if they win, they open flood gates for everyone else. if they lose, than those doors are slammed shut for year.


May 29, 2008
If Viacom had their way, they'd charge you every time you remembered a line from one of their shows. They'd sue you if you watched one of their channels with your living-room drapes open (public performance). Heck, they probably demand a fee from TV Guide just for printing a description of an upcoming episode.

Still, I watch Southpark and Futurama on Comedy, Always Sunny on FX, and nothing on any of the remaining channels. Even if I were a TWC customer (god, don't get me started on them), I wouldn't really be missing much.


The last two paragraphs of this article do not belong in what should be an objective news piece...

Anyway, from what I've read here, TWC has a license to provide Viacom's programming to customers over their cable systems. At first I thought their might be an issue with streaming over 3G/4G or other Wi-Fi connections, but according to TWC's website, the app requires TWC basic cable and TWC Internet service, so it only works within range of the viewer's home wireless router. Based on that information, and the fact that the app is free, Viacom shouldn't have any problem with what TWC is doing.


Mar 15, 2011
To hell with viacom! "(BET, CMT, Comedy, MTV, Nick, Spike, VH1), FOX (FX, National Geographic) and Discovery (Animal Planet, Discovery, TLC)" - Out of all those channels the only ones worth watching are Nick (spongebob lol), FX National Geographic, Discovery, possibly Animal Planet. But MTV is pure garbage.


Nov 23, 2008
Its actually a pretty cool APP. Hope they make one for Android owners....

Anyways, its HANDY. And what those other networks are complaining about is STUPID!

In case people don't know... it allows the iPad to watch LIVE Cable shows over WiFi. It ties your TWC Account to your iPad App. So, its not that just ANYONE with an iPad can watch free cable.

You can't pause / record / rewind anything. Just change channels and read the info - simple interface, no channel # - just their names. I thought it was handy. Its in my home. Maybe someone wants to watch something else... or go to the bathroom? And yes, I have a Tuner Card on my desktop - because my PC DVR is more advance than the cable box. :(

Vicom/FX/Discovery are being stupid. I pay for the shows... we watch, you make money...

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