Twitter Pushing Social Revolution in Iran?


Apr 17, 2009
First it was geeks, then presidential candidates, then Oprah, and now you've got TED intellectuals:
NYU professor Clay Shirky gave a fantastic talk on new media during our TED@State event earlier this month. He revealed how cellphones, the web, Facebook and Twitter had changed the rules of the game, allowing ordinary citizens extraordinary new powers to impact real-world events. As protests in Iran exploded over the weekend, we decided to rush out his talk, because it could hardly be more relevant. I caught up with Clay this afternoon to get his take on the significance of what is happening. HIs excitement was palpable.


Nov 26, 2008
Don't forget that firstly, the current islamic republic in iran is the fault of USA-UK, who have pwned the democratic government of this country around WW2 to replace it by a puppet by funding pro-monarchists (because... he wanted to nationalize oil) and then this puppet has been pwned by islamists and here we are... so it's not a american solution that will fix this mess.

Yes twitter helps them to communicate but since they can't express their disagreement with the current leader whithout being beated or shot by religious zealots / militias it's useless. IP adresses can be easily traced, websites blocked and they could even set a white list if needed.