Question Two laptops one monitor

Mar 23, 2023
Hi all,

I have a work PC Dell laptop and my own MBP 14”, I currently have a Dell U2723QE which supports one laptop via USB-C 90w.

I have Logitech MX Bluetooth keyboard & mouse which supports connections up to 3 devices.

I currently connect my MBP via the USB-C connection and that’s the only cable I need to charge the MBP, use the monitor and the Logitech webcam I have plugged into the monitor.

My work laptop I have connected to the monitor’s DP and the USB-C port on the laptop. This doesn’t seem to be connected to the USB ports on the monitor as I can’t access the webcam on my work laptop, as I like to keep both in clamshell mode to save space, it’s a bit of a pain.

As photographer I also have the issue that I use an external drive because I have over 2.4TB of photographs, this is plugged into the USB-C port on the monitor, when I switch the monitor to DP to use my my work laptop I get a drive not ejected properly message.

I’m on the verge of canning my MBP and buying an iMac, with 4TB storage, and just having the two side by side, so the Q is: is there a monitor with two USB-C 90w ports that could support both laptops, and give access to the storage drive and webcam?

Sorry for the long Q, just trying to detail as much as possible.