Two Speakers (seperate) on One Computer


Jul 11, 2014
Hello, I have two speakers both with a plug to put into my computer. They are the same and there is no way to connect the two devices so I can only plug in one. I have tried plugging one in the front audio jack and the rear audio jack and sound only plays through one and only the left speaker. Is there some way to get them to both work and have one left and one right? I have a vostro 220s slim edition for my pc. I cant find the speakers because they seem old (I found them somewhere in my house and they dont have any stickers on them).
if they have 3.5mm connections then you could use a 3.5mm splitter on the green 3.5mm output jack on the rear of your pc and plug the speakers in to that.

the reason why plugging one in the rear and one in the front does not work is because the pc assumes you are plugging in headphones so automatically disables speakers and makes the headphones the primary output device for sound.
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