Question type c usb port questions


Aug 20, 2016
ok it seems we are going to have to upgrade our laptops soon due to win10 dropping support for win10. so we are now getting used to win11. i have a new laptop called the alldocube, that i'm playing with to get use to it before we get newer pcs and have to start using it. anyway it seems to be an ok pc but it has no vga port or the lan port, and i do notice some internet lag from the wifi.

at this time we use both ports for the internet and the monitors. i too the screens off our laptops because we needed larger screens. so soon i will be getting a couple of hp type pcs that have win11 on them from the mfg or win10 and i can upgrade from the update page in win10. that way know i got the real OS and not a buggered up OS that may not get security updates.

anyway it seems these newer pcs do not have vga or lan ports but do have a port called the usb-c port that seems to be able to run a monitor or lan. and i see adapters on ebay that allow you to plug into the usb-c port and have 4 or more ports. so can anyone tell me can i get one of those adapters and have it run the monitor and the lan at the same time. without having issues like dropouts that wifi can give and the monitor will run normal. plus if i do plug in a thumb stick it will see it and still let the monitor and lan run normally? thanks