Question Type of Watch (using "Da Fit")

Jan 8, 2023

I've been given an inexpensive Bluetooth watch for Christmas. It identifies itself as I22 and the version (I think it's a firmware version) is MOY-RSC5-2.0.2.
It advocates the use of the Da Fit app on my phone.

Yes, of course I'm trying to find out if I can:
  • hack the firmware
  • use an alternative app with it
  • create alternative faces like the hundreds which seem to be available on "the cloud"
There's very little on the web about "I22" and it's not helpful that the packaging doesn't seem to hint at any particular manufacturer.
Is this a "type" of watch and if so how is it categorised? I've a feeling it's the same as the FITMASTER GW-I22 (or possibly a clone thereof), or the "HAVAFIT".

Has anyone seen a teardown of the watch type, or does anyone know anything about it?

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