Solved! UE Phantom Wonderboom through (old) TV via a wire

Oct 4, 2018
Hi there. Objective - to play my oldnTV through my speaker.

I have bought a UE Phantom Wonderboom and am wondering what cable I need to buy so that I can make sound come from my TV headphone jack to my micro USB port. I’ve tried a cable with a 3.5mm jack on one side and the micro USB on the other but when I hook it up there is no sound. The TV is kinda old so not a smart Tv/Bluetooth capability. The TV does have red and white ‘out’ ports, if that helps. Don’t want to waste my time on buying a “red and white” male into a micro USB if i get the same result. Any ideas?
There are many of these avaialbe, so I can't find the exact model, but microUSB connector is for charging only (or connection to a computer). Look for 3.5mm connector labeled "Audio IN", this is what would let you use the speaker with your TV.
A cable with 2 RCA plugs at one end and usb at the other is completely useless to you (and anybody else I can think of).
If the speaker doesn't have an aux input then you can connect a bluetooth transmitter to the RCA red and white audio output jacks of the TV and pair the speaker with it. Get a low latency AptX transmitter to minimize any sync issues with the TV.
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