Question Unable to record wirelessly

Aug 19, 2021
Greetings to all:

I have a problem that I have been absolutely unable to fix no matter what I have tried and settings reconfigured.

I am a professor at University of Puerto Rico. Since March 2020 I have been teaching from home via Moodle because of you know what. I have a wireless headset to communicate with my students while online. they can hear me and I can hear them, no problem. The situation arises cause I use Screencast to record the session, audio and image. That program does record the image and my talking to them... but it does not record what they say to me. I can hear them perfectly on my headset, but Screencast does not record THEM talking to ME.
I contacted Screencast, told me to do several fixes.. no avail. Finally they told me to use a usb-connected headset. Ok, but it's a pain in the xxx to work around another cable, it is bothersome.
I thought of using an audio cable to output sound from desktop speakers (headset mike catches that sound, but not very clear due to distance) to my aux port in the headset. Nope. The headset pretty much turns itself off, apparently defaulting to one-way comm only.
I have fiddled with my win10 audio settings, tried all I can think of... no avail.

I give up. It seems impossible to be able to record as my students talk to me, which honestly baffles me.

Thanks in advance if any has any other suggestion for me to trial. Much appreciated.
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