Unable to start laptop cos of BSOD


Oct 24, 2015

I'm gunna tell you guys a little story about my problem and leave a tldr at the bottom to sum my situation in a sentence or two.

So basically, my hard drive is screwed ever since i started getting a notice about the 'smart disc check failing' or something every time i boot up my computer. But i was still usable

Then just recently a day or two ago, I could not play a game i just bought cos my graphics driver would always crash, so i installed some updates then restarted my laptop. But then as soon as i booted up to the login screen, the brightness was at its maximum and it was so bright! I couldnt even change it with the keys and pulling up the settings menu, the brightness bar would change as i drag it down and up however the actual screen still didnt change the brightness. I also notoced that there was no sleep button as well which was odd. ( There would normally be sleep, shut down and restart). This had happened before in the past.

So with no more options, i did a system refresh where it would put my laptop in its initial state without affecting any personal files. That seemed to fix the problem... but things still got worse...

As i was downloading major updates in order to install a newer update for windows, it got to around 100% and then my laptop crashed with a BSOD (blue screen of death). It took longer than expected to restart after that. Then after it booted up, this is the problem right now. My problem is that when i boot up my laptop it gets to the HP logo and then shows a split second of the BSOD then just decides to restart again... this just loops that i cant even use my laptop anymore. Occasionally it will start to go to the automatic repair thing if i cant load windows properly however after that screen saying to go there, it just shows a black screen and i cant do anything. Been waiting here for like 20 mins and probably many more to come.

I really dont know what to do anymore... problem is i dont have the budget for a new laptop.

tldr: laptop keeps showing the BSOD error after booting it, restarts itself and loops so that i cant use my laptop anymore

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