Uncle Tom's Cabin Help?

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Nov 12, 2018
2: In general, Mrs. Byrd's argument for keeping slaves from running away is:

to treat them well.
to free them.
to not break up family units by selling off a parent or child.
All of the above.

3: Tom's wife, Aunt Chloe, upon his being sold to a plantation in the deep South, says which of the following?

"De Lord lets dredful things happen sometimes."
"Sich a faithful critter as ye've been."
"Ye'll live to see yer husband sold or mebbe be sold yoursef."
All of the above.

4: Senator Byrd said Eliza and Harry could not rest overnight because:

The dogs of the slave traders would sniff them out and lead them to his house.
How could he, a senator, be found hiding slaves when he just voted for a law that forbade Ohioans from hiding runaway slaves?
Harry would give the hiding place away in the morning.
All of the above.

5: Stowe has Mrs. Byrd dress Harry in her dead son's clothes to provoke the reader into feeling:

sorry for Mrs. Byrd's loss.
anxiety for Eliza 's and Harry's possible imminent death.
the importance of the axiom "waste not, want not".
None of the above.

6: Senator Byrd persuaded fellow legislators to vote for more stringent recovery of fugitive slaves laws because:

He was a slave owner himself and did not want to lose his property.
He did not understand slavery beyond just words on paper.
He never experienced empirically the agony of the defenseless suffering fugitive.
All of the above.
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