Solved! Unigine Heaven Score, is this good?

Sep 21, 2018
i tried unigine engine with these settings:
-Everything else maxed out

and i got 35.9 fps average with 905 score.
the laptops has a GTX 1050 ti 4GB, i5 7300hq, 8GB 2133hz RAM

could anyone tell me if it's good, maybe even send their score? thanks in advance

Robert Ban

Jul 30, 2014
No, by Throttle i mean the temperature will hit the thermal limit and it will downclock itself to perserve which is usually by laptops.
It hits for example 90*C on GPU it will downclock from boost to stock eg. 1890MHz Core to 1600MHz core.
Same goes for CPU.
But thats pretty good score for an X8 AA and maxed out.

As for RAM, for example, PUBG requires 6GB of ram, soo in computer world, the windows uses 1GB, that leaves you for 7GBs and if you have any open apps , which tends to many people have like Music player, Discord etc. leaves you with less than 6GB's of ram and hits the pagefile, pagefile is when the ram is written to the HDD/SSD.
But that is dependable onto the situation on which resolution you play games, which settings and etc.
Also the Graphic details of the world doesnt load onto Vram only (Vram is GPU), but also onto ram.

But in your case its pretty good. Nowdays ram standard is 16GB's. But 8GB is pretty acceptable.

Soo in short, your laptop is good, it did not thermal throttle at all in benchmark, pretty safe to say you're good with that result.
Sep 21, 2018
I know what thermal throttling and Vram too. I just don't know why did you start talking about throttling, that's why i asked. But then... I had a throttling problem when the GPU started throttling at 67°C (coolsense on) and 69-70°C(coolsense off) (coolsense is a software that decreases the performance of the laptop to get lesser temp) then i updated the bios and it never goes higher than 75°C, it just hits 76°C, the fans start rotating faster and it the temp drops to 74°C and in unigine the temp was max 70-71°C. So i'm not scared of throttling anymore and i have coolsense always off