Uninstalled my integrated graphics card and nothing happened? What the heck???


Oct 22, 2012
what's wrong with my laptop? I uninstalled my integrated graphics driver (it was some intel thing) and restarted my computer. Absolutely nothing is different. Was my laptop even using the graphics driver at all? It was called something like intel family graphics. Right now my computer is using "microsoft basic display adapter".

edit: ok I installed that too and nothing changed still... and now the display tab in the device manager window is gone. I think I screwed myself


Jan 30, 2014
Why on earth would you even go and do that??
That system of yours no doubt does not have discrete graphics capabilities, which means that it has to use the Intel graphics.
The Basic driver is exactly that, just a basic display driver that Microsoft uses to get you going till you have installed the correct display drivers.
Try running Windows update; this might detect what you do not have and download and install the correct drivers.


Oct 22, 2012
I just wanted to see what would happen. I disabled it first to make sure it wouldn't [watch your language] my computer but that did nothing, so I uninstalled out of curiosity and still nothing.

Do I even need to reinstall it? My laptop is the exact same as before and my games still run at the same crappy low fps
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