Universal Theme Patcher?


May 12, 2014
Hello, I want to ask. What is the BEST AND SAFEST Universal Theme Patcher to Windows 8.1?
Here are is my rig:
Dell Inspiron 7447 - Hibuscus Red.
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro - 64 Bit.
CPU: Intel Core i5 4200H @2.8 GHz upto 3.4/3.3 GHz turbo boost Single/Dual Core. 2 Cores/4 Threads.
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 850M 4GB GDDR3/Intel HD 4600.
RAM: 4GB DDR3L @1600 MHz.
HDD: 512 GB 5400 RPM?

I want to try Universal Theme Patcher. Will it decrease overall peroformance will editing and games be affected? Thank you. I want a new look but stable and doesen't have any side effects. Thank you again.
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