Unrooting/unrooted handcuffed wo defaults


Apr 27, 2013
The Jerks have us beat. I bought a smartphone so I wouldn' have to buy a computer. Old software that installed with a regular exe is not executable. There is no default for exe, zip, or rar. I guess you might be able to install an apk but you'll never find a palm destop that doesn't run from setup.exe. I have Zire 31 that I would like to run Hotsync with. If anyone has an idea for an east run-around, please email me by answering this post. I am old man and just know how to get in trouble and brick stuff. And this smartphone is unrooted but crippled. Thanks a lot. Ed


Nov 25, 2012
Ed, a smartphone runs on different operating system than Windows. Regular PC programs will not run on Android-based devices.

I would say that a smartphone can never replace your ordinary laptop. Your best bet is to find alternative programs that run on Android.


Dec 17, 2012
@Drifter, actually modern phones are about a thousand times more powerful than computers were 10 years ago.

That being said, you can run a full desktop suite on your phone - though currently the technical knowhow this requires is drastically beyond the reaches of the average consumer.

Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu Linux) is currently in the process of developing a full Android/Ubuntu hybrid that acts as a desktop suite when connected to a docking station, in order to bring this to the masses. Think of the possibilities. The productivity. You have a dock at home and a dock at the office, and no matter where you go; your PC fits in your pocket. /looks fondly toward the future

The thing is that this software is currently only available to developers and OEMs at the moment. There are third party applications such as this Google Play link, however they are far from seamless integration and require either a stylus or a bluetooth mouse in order to function.

@the OP, unfortunately there is no way to use .exe installers on any Android device as Android is built off Linux, and they use an entirely different binary than Windows. If you want a desktop experience on your phone though, give it about a year and check up on the Ubuntu for Android project. There are plenty of free programs for Ubuntu that do the same thing as Windows counterparts, such as OpenOffice in place of Microsoft Office. Though again, this won't be available on the consumer front for a while yet.