Question "Unspecified error" when copying or moving a folder from my Android


Mar 10, 2016
Hi everyone.

This is the first time I have encountered an error like this. My phone is an LG G4 running Android 6 that came back to life after it had a problem with the screen not turning on frequently, but I don't trust that it will stay alive and therefore I want to make sure it is always backed up. I am trying to move/copy the files onto my computer, which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (256GB/8GB of RAM/Intel Core i5-6300U/Windows 10 21H2), but the "unspecified error" keeps interrupting and cancelling it. I have of course tried restarting both devices. I have not yet tried this on another PC, which would be my next step.

I'm posting this here to see if anyone else has suggestions and also to help others encountering this error, which is technically not even an error since it is unspecified...
The articles found by doing a quick Google/Bing search does not help here. Both drives are large enough and I have been transferring with no problems in the past.

Also, this is not through an SD card - these files are on the phone itself.

The only difference from last time is that I now have Windows 10 21H2 as opposed to the previous version - Could that cause this to happen?

Thanks in advance.
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