Question Unsure if headphones issue or computer mobo issue

Jun 12, 2020
So when i'm in discord in a voice call with my headphones in (the only mic on my computer is on my headset) my headphone audio sounds like everyone talking is being muffled but the issue is that everyone in the call hears what i hear (so if i'm watching a video and listening through my headphones, even though the sound is not loud enough to reach my mic, they all hear exactly what i'm hearing and very loudly).

Most of the time it is fine but when the muffling "toggles" then it's very bad for me and my friends. Does anyone know what might be happening? It randomly muffles for a random period of time (I have to mute myself when it happens)

My headphones are 6 months old (corsair void pro i think) and my tower is the Corsair Spec-Delta with the Aorus x570 elite mobo.

Before this issue happened I had a critical issue with my computer where i had to remove 2 of 4 8gb sticks of my ram and my HDD now no longer works (i had to unplug it from my mobo or my computer would be very slow)
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