Question Unsure if I'm hearing real 5.1 DTS

Jul 10, 2020
So I've got an outdated reciever and speakers for 5.1. Because my RCA RT2500 is so old, it cannot decode 5.1 audio when I'm connected to an optical cable, which is what I connect to my Blu-ray player. So I got an "external 5.1 decoder". I watched a movie and it sounded fine and audio was coming out of all channels. But when I used the DTS Sound Check on my Pulp Fiction Blu-ray, something was off. When audio was supposed to be from a single speaker, audio was coming out of all of my speakers. So know I think this decoder might be creating or up-mixing a fake surround mix. My reciever was directly connected to the decoder, no dolby pro logic being used. I just want to know if I'm hearing real 5.1 because the decoder claims to support DTS, which I was using. The decoder is called "HD Audio Rush" by the way. Any help is appreciated and I hope I can soon get this figured out because I don't know when I will be able to upgrade to a decent reciever.
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